Meet our devoted team
of caring professionals

Our History

Deaf Inter-Link has remained a success story since 1988 because of our dedicated staff members. We have recruited the very best interpreters from all around and are proud of the talent and the years of service they have provided the Community.

Our staff consists of full-time Scheduling Coordinators, Full-time, and Part-time Interpreters who are governed by the Code of Professional Conduct put forth by the Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf (RID). Many of Deaf Inter-Link's interpreters are certified by RID's qualification standards or possess equivalent skills and strive to that end.

Ongoing training and support from administration keeps our interpreters among the top in their field. Our staff interpreters hold a number of certifications and degrees including:

  • Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf (RID)
  • Missouri Interpreter Certification System (MICS)
  • Masters Degrees
  • Bachelors Degrees
  • Associate Degrees

Office Staff

Our friendly office staff assists with Daily taking Service Requests, Scheduling the Interpreters, and keeping our offices fully staffed.

  • Alta - President & CEO

  • Jovanna - VP & Personnel Manager

  • Halima - Customer Service