Our Services.

Deaf Inter-Link is Available 24 Hours-a-Day/365 Days-a-Year

Interpreting / Transliterating

Deaf Inter-Link’s flagship service, interpreting/transliterating is the process of conveying signed or spoken communication between people who are Deaf and those who can hear. Interpreting uses American Sign Language; transliterating uses a form of signed English. When you get your interpreting/transliterating services from Deaf Inter-Link, you receive:

  • Assurance of legal compliance with service provision
  • An expanded customer base by including Deaf and Hard of Hearing people
  • 24-hour on-call interpreters
  • Largest interpreting staff in St. Louis
  • Over 29 years of service in the community
  • Certified and licensed interpreters
  • Excellent customer service

Oral Interpreting or Transliterating

Not all deaf or hard-of-hearing people use sign language. Our oral interpreters or transliterators will inaudibly repeat the spoken message, choosing words and sentence structure that make it as easy to lip-read as possible. Our interpreters or transliterators can also voice or voice-over the spoken message of the deaf or hard-of-hearing person. With over 29 years serving the St. Louis community, you can depend on Deaf Inter-Link’s experience to meet your communication needs.

  • Experience in providing specialized services
  • Knowledgeable about various communication styles
  • Respect for individual choice, whether sign language or spoken English

Deaf-Blind Interpreting

Deaf Inter-Link has interpreters with specialized training and experience in working with people who have a range of both vision and hearing loss. Various visual or tactile techniques can be used, depending upon the needs of your customer or patient.

  • Experience in providing specialized services
  • Knowledgeable in various communication methods
  • Ability to assess and provide appropriate services
  • Flexible in meeting the needs of the customer