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For Deaf Clients:

Did the interpreter show up on time?  Yes  No
Did the interpreter look professional?  Yes  No
Did the interpreter show a good attitude?  Yes  No
Did you understand the interpreter?  Yes  No
Did the interpreter understand you?  Yes  No
Would you accept the same interpreter again?  Yes  No

For Hearing Clients:

Was it easy to schedule an interpreter?  Yes  No
Was the office staff helpful and professional?  Yes  No
Did the interpreter arrive on time?  Yes  No
Was the interpreter dressed appropriately for the appointment?  Yes  No
Did you understand the interpreter?  Yes  No
Do you feel that the interpreter helped the appointment to be clearer, faster, and more in depth?  Yes  No
Did your Deaf client/patient seem pleased with the interpreting services?  Yes  No
Would you be pleased to have the same interpreter in the future?  Yes  No
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